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Join the DDI Alliance

Membership in the Alliance is open to for-profit or not-for-profit educational, commercial, or governmental organizations that want to have a voice in the decision-making process for the standard. Member institutions are entitled to send one representative to annual meetings of the DDI Alliance and to meetings of the Scientific Board, the group that develops and provides stewardship for the DDI specification. Rules and guidelines for the Alliance are delineated in a set of Bylaws. The fee for DDI membership is $2500 annually.

This arrangement is designed to provide flexibility for the DDI effort and to ensure that DDI stakeholders have a say in the direction that the specification takes. For more information on joining this effort, please contact the DDI Secretariat, which is housed at ICPSR, at: ddisecretariat [at] umich [dot] edu. A membership form and member representatives form are also available.