DDI at Work

DDI facilitates the creation of metadata at a variety of starting points from the conceptualization of a study through publication of the data and beyond. How and where one starts capturing metadata depends upon the data being described, the application within which it is used, and the organizational needs of the creators.


Benefits to using DDI are numerous for everyone, data producers, data archivists and data users. 


To see how DDI is being used around the world check out the projects .

Use Cases

Several DDI Lifecycle Use Cases have been created to highlight different DDI-L implementations.  The use cases range from data archive perspectives to data producers to the data user. 

Best Practices

The DDI community has developed two sets of best practices. One is a general set of best practices across the data life cycle and the other focuses on using DDI to document longitudinal data.

See how it works first hand? 

There are many great resources and tools to investigate and opportunities to participate in the work of the Alliance.